UI/UX Lead


Sketch, InVision


~ 9 months




SaveUp was a financial app whose mission was to incentivize saving. The business model utilized a gamification approach - users enter their banking information, earn points through saving money (banking and 401k), and use the points to win prizes.We had to use the existing ecosystem, which constrained our redesign and engineering efforts. Several pain points, like the prize and credit exchange, weren't addressed for the mvp rollout. Many of our enhancements didn't make it to production as the company encountered financial hardships.


As the lead UI/UX designer I was responsible for the redesign of the iOS, Android, and web application. Using one week sprints, I worked closely with the engineering team to roll out an mvp for iOS and Android.*Engineering efforts ceased when adequate funding couldn't be obtained.


  1. Discovery
  2. Design workshops
  3. Create a design system for reusable components
  4. Design sprints to iterate on critical features and enhancements
  5. High fidelity iOS and Android prototypes in InVision®
A picture displaying desktop computer with homepage design and design system